Columbus Neuropsychologist, Neuropsychology and Forensic Neuropsychology Services

Mood Disorders

Clients who suffer from these disorders often experience guilt over their inability to control their sadness, unstable moods, and impulsive behavior. Read More...

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders affect approximately ten percent of the population. Those who suffer from these disorders experience excessive levels of fear and stress over daily life activities. Read More...

Psychiatric Disorders

At least ten percent of the population will struggle with a biologically based mental illness at some point in their lives. Read More...

Who Are We

Neuropsychology Services of Southwest Ohio is dedicated to providing high quality, objective forensic neuropsychological services, including neuropsychological evaluations and consultation, peer/case reviews, and independent disability evaluations (IME). Our services include conducting evaluations of mentally disordered offenders, assessing the veracity and extent of neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with claimed injuries, assessing safety and risk with impaired professionals, and examining civil and legal capacities. We are committed to remaining current with the continuous stream of developments in clinical and forensic practice in manner that offers our clients unique expertise consistent with ethical standards.

Our clients include:

  • The Courts
  • Prosecution and Defense Attorneys
  • Other Governmental and Regulatory Agencies
  • Hospital Risk Managers and Professional Ethics Boards
  • University Counseling Programs
  • Professional Services Companies (IMEs)

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